How to Style your Photos

OK! You've booked for your photo shoot with me, now what?

I find that it is so important that you're styling for your photos properly, because what I capture, only reflects what you're wearing and how you look. I am no photoshop genius, I will add beauty to your photo, but only so much can be done! So I'm going to drop some tips here for you to consider once you've booked for your photo session with me!

  1. CLOTHING- What you wear is so important. Truly! It is, you may think that, "Oh, I dress like this all the time, this is what I'm comfortable in, I'm wearing this." That is great, I want you to be comfortable and confident in your session, and what you wear is important. But, professional photos may not be the best time to pull out those unflattering jeans and a super old, used to be white, tee shirt. If you're going to invest in your photos with me, it's important that you also wear something flattering, and cohesive with your partner, or family. Something that will go together, without matching each other. You want to compliment each other. I always recommend neutrals, earth toned clothing, most times, without patterns. FYI- texture is not the same as a pattern. If you're going for more of a bold colour, make sure that you are able to compliment the colour through your partner/families clothing as well. Standing out like a sore thumb, isn't always the best thing. Also, if you're investing in professional photos, don't you think you may want to splurge a little bit? You know, TREAT YO' SELF! Really draw out the style you're wanting to capture with your photos through your clothing. I always send a style guide when you book with me and I am ALWAYS, and I do mean, ALWAYS, here to answer any questions you have about what to wear to your session with me.
  2. MAKEUP- You may be thinking, why makeup, or, I can do my own makeup. But, can you? Do you know how makeup photographs, and how to excentuate your facial features so they POP the way you want them to behind the camera? Do you know about the colour wheel? Because if you have blue eyes, and you want to make them pop in your photos and you come wearing a super dark, black, smokey eye, your eyes ain't gonna do anything in the photos I take. Sorry! So along with clothes, I highly recommend, that if you're going to be investing in photos with me, that you also invest in someone who is able to make all your natural beauty pop the way it needs to behind a lens. Two very talented ladies that I recommend are Jordan Dean Makeup Artistry out of Sundre, and Makeup by Ashleigh out of Olds. I've had both of them do my makeup, and I recommend them to all my clients, and they are both phenomenal at what they do.
  3. HAIR- Professional photos are not the time to try that hair style you've always wanted to, or to try to make your hair so something that you know it's not going to want to do. Really think about what you want to portray in your photos and keep in mind these few things. 1. You want to be able to get your hair out of your face if I need to see it more. 2. You don't want half the photos I take to be you trying to move your hair out of your face. 3. You want your hair to compliment your face shape! LADIES, please do not come to your sessions with a slick back high bun that does nothing for you. I can not fix that. I won't be happy with the photos, you won't be happy with your photos, and you won't book me again because of something that is completely out of my control. I don't want that. I want to deliver the absolute best product that I can, styling your photos has a huge impact on that.

Now, before you start feeling attacked, just know you're not. I, in fact, learned all these lessons the hard way. Through MULTIPLE photo sessions. First I learned the makeup & hair thing, then I learned, clothes, and now I just know that I'm I'm going to invest in professional photos, I am going to be INVESTING in myself too. That way I know I'm going to be 100% happy with the product that I receive.

I'm going to drop a few examples of going all out on your photos, complimenting colours between couples, makeup, hair, the works! And if you invest and follow these steps, your photos will 100% turn out as bomb as these ones did.