Santa Claus Mini's

This year's Christmas was weird, right? I mean, everyone decorated out the wazoo and started celebrating really early. On my crescent, November 1st, everyone's Halloween decorations came down, and all the Christmas ones went up. People were very quick to try to have some normalcy in celebrating the holiday season. But as we got closer we were forced into more lockdowns and precautions due to Covid-19.

It. Sucked.

I am a person who loves to celebrate, bake, see friends and have dinners, go on sleigh rides with all our friends and all the kiddos, ESPECIALLY around the holiday season. I'm also the person that goes about 110% overboard with gifts and food and festivities. We typically have about 20 people in our house on Christmas day with all our family, and we make a meal that would literally last a month if it were just my household eating. So to say that this year was extremely different is an understatement.

SO. Santa Claus mini's were born. I was set against doing mini's because it's so hard to organize and plan a full day that I could fill with sessions that made the setup and time worth it. But we went for it because I had felt like something like this was going to be almost, necessary for all the kids this year, who have already missed out on and sacrificed so much this year. Having a magical Christmas shouldn't have been one of them.

My goal with these mini sessions was to bring some life into the season and to allow the kids to feel the magic that everyone usually does that time of year. I wanted them to be able to have a good chat with Santa and listen to funny stories and hang by a fire for a few minutes, just to get them happy and excited and give them NORMALCY. That was honestly the biggest part, I wanted it to be normal for them. I didn't want them bombarded by masks and rules and 6 feet apart. Although we fulfilled all precautions that the Government here in Alberta has set forth for us, it was as normal for them as it could have been. And it felt pretty damn magical and normal to me.

Now I'm a pretty simple person. I like comfy and cozy and minimal. So the set up was super cute and basic. Hay bales, blankets, fuzzy pillows and blankets and some stacked wood for a small camp fire. I'm biased, but it was too cute. I absolutely loved it, but it's also how I envision most of my mini sessions. Cute, comfy and basic. I know that these will be a returning mini session offer because I think I loved it even more than the kids and their parents did.

It went a little something like this...